I’m on my way!

As I sit here in the Phoenix Airport I begin to share this journey with you. Many of you  started this journey with me months ago, when I told you that I was going to be leaving California to spend a year in Zambia. Many of you joined me when I realized how daunting the fundraising process was and how fortunate I am to have a fantastically supportive community. Some of you are joining me right now as I try to figure out how to thank you all for joining me on this new adventure while sitting in this busy airport. To all of you, THANK YOU!

I am currently  on my way to New York to spend a week adjusting and learning with my fellow YAV’s (Young Adult Volunteer).  As my mind goes a million miles a hour thinking about all the logistic that lie before me, I am filled with joy. The joy that I am taking a massive leap forward on the path of discernment.

Over the next year I will keep you up to date on every step of this epic journey, but right now I’m going to savor this feeling of being content.


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